Browsing through Seville….

After you have lived in Sevilla for some time and you have seen all the touristic sights that the city has to offer, it might be refreshing to try some new places.  Here are some suggestions:


– Le XIX (le dix-neuf) Le XIX Sevilla

Far from your typical Sevillano bar, this trendy joint has a touch of New York in it’s decoration. Refreshing cocktails are definitely their speciality. Try out our personal favourites, classic Cosmopolitan or Moscow Mule with touch of ginger! Le XIX is nicely located with only five minutes walk from the cathedral. Nowadays they have live piano music from Fridays to Sundays starting from 6 pm.

Facebook page:

Address: Calle Tomás de Ibarra, 9, Sevilla

Cafe del Valle  

Cafe del ValleHow I ended up noticing this cafeteria was that it has birch trees in its window. Fresh fruit juices and herbal teas are worth of trying. This cafeteria is nice breakfast place or just for an afternoon chai tea or cappucino. Relax atmosphere and friendly staff!

Address: Calle Virgen Del Valle, 8, Los Remedios, Sevilla




Redhouse Redhouse

Unique and edgy cafe where you can see exhibitions and artists. The speciality of the place is that many items, such as chairs you’re sitting on are for sale!

Address: Calle Amor de Dios 7



If you are keen on second hand items or handmade unique jewellery, clothes or bags, there are adorable fleamarkets around the the city. Here are few that I and my colleagues have come across and found charming:

–  Fleamarket in Alameda on Sundays

Plaza Alameda de Hercules, Sevilla

On Sundays from 07:30 to 15:00

-Fleamarket in calle Feria

on Thursdays from 09:00 to 13:00


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