Festivals in Spain

Welcome to the Land of Festivals.   Spain is famous for its fun, easy living and can´t seem to stop coming up with amazing fesivals whether they be Cultural, Musical, Traditional or more…

Here are 3 of the most Famous fesitvals that Spain has to offer:One of the Funnest and craziest Festivals of the year! A massive day! 4th edition in Sevilla!!

1. Colors Tribe

Place: Sevilla, Malaga, Granada, Tarifa, Córdoba, Jaén, Madrid and many more!

Date: Spring/Summer


One of the Funnest and craziest Festivals of the year! A massive day! 4th edition in Sevilla!!

– Where: Parque del Alamillo. Puerta Sur. Sevilla.
– When: Saturday April 1st, 2017. Doors open: 4pm.
– More than 7 hours of Color Fiesta!
– Music: International Dj set the during the Festival.
– Food stands. Bars/drinks. Security. WC. Color stands (so you can get more color bags! polvos de colores!!. 2 bags: 2€)
– Reentré wristband: 2€.

★ Early birds tickets: Sold out.
★ Standard Ticket: 12€. LAST 500 TICKETS!!
All tickets included: Entrance + 1 Color bag + 2 beers (must be used before 6pm).
– Online booking: http://colorstribe.com/entradas.
— GET FAST ACCESS: type in your booking “WLS” before your name. Example:
Name/Nombre: WLS ELIZABETH. Surname/apellido: PLAPINGER.

Event organized by: ColorsTribe Sevilla – Info/tickets.

2. La Tomatina:

Place: Buñol, Valencia

Date: last Wednesday of August  la-tomatina-1

Have you ever been in a tomato fight? Sounds crazy, right?!  Well, it is considered to be one of the craziest Spanish festivals you can experience in Spain! To celebrate old tradition and just to have some fun, thousands of people gather once a year in the town of Buñol in Valencia to throw tomatoes at one another. The party starts around 9am, in the town square with rolls and pastries provided for breakfast by the Town Hall. When the square fills with people, a huge soapy pole topped with a leg of ham is surrounded by people who are desperately trying to climb it. Also, buckets of water are launched from the balconies soaking the crowds.  At 11am a shot is fired to announce the start of the fight, and people run towards the truck loaded with tomatoes.  Within a few seconds, everything turns to red.  Trucks loaded with “ammunition” arrive one after another, until a second shot is fired signaling the end of the battle.

The origins of the festival dates back to a fight amongst children in 1945 and it has been celebrated every year since then.




3.  San Fermínes

Place: Pamplona

Date: 2nd week of July

imagesSan Fermín, more internationally known as the  Running of the Bulls, is one of Spain´s most famous festivals taking place in the city of Pamplona. The celebration is a week long party, full of song and dance.  But the most famous part of the festival is the traditional Bull Run taking place every morning.   The streets of the old town are walled off and bulls are released while the braver participants run in front of them towards the bull ring to safety. The average time of the run from start to finish is about three minutes.  However, if you don’t want to risk your life running in front of angry bulls, you can find a spot behind the fence or in front of the museum on Santo Domingo and just watch the show.

Note: The tickets for the bullfights that happen in the afternoon are usually sold out well in advance.

Unlike the very modern Tomatina festival, San Fermines is very old, dating back to at least the 15th century. The festival originally was held in October and is actually a number of festivals which gradually merged to become one. Many elements of San Fermin have continued from the old days until present, but the actual running of the bulls came later. The ritual was born from a mixture of neccesity (bulls needed to be brought to the fighting arena) and a typical Spanish reckless desire to have fun.






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