How to get from A to B in Spain?

You want to visit a friend, explore another city or get to a pick up for an excursion? We present you the best options to get to your destination!

How to start? The best way is to check the travel search engine “Go Euro” ( that shows you all the different buses, trains and flights available for that journey. To help you find the most efficient route to your destination they display routes from over 150 airlines and transport companies and merge together multiple transport types (that’s buses, trains and flights too) to show the best combinations. Perfect to get an overview.

by train

Spain’s state-run rail network may not be the most efficient in Europe, but it serves its purpose. RENFE, which runs the rails, has improved its timeliness in recent years. Madrid serves as the heart of the system, with service radiating to major cities in all directions.

Spain has several types of trains:

Long-Distance: There are high-speed (AVE) and regular service (Talgo) trains, with fares based on type of train and class of seat (first/club, business or tourist class). High-speed trains can cost significantly more than the slower trains, but get you to your destination much faster.

Medium-Distance: Talgo trains also operate medium-distance routes, which generally are just a few hours in length. Onboard amenities sometimes include a drink and snack cart.

Local: Denoted by the word cercanias, local trains offer just one class of seat and are usually under two hours. They tend to make a lot of stops.

Fares in Spain are among the lowest in Europe. You can purchase tickets online, at a RENFE ticket office or from a station agent. Make sure you specify whether you want one way (ida) or roundtrip (ida y vuelta). Local train tickets also can be bought from ticket machines, when available. Buy tickets no later than one hour before departure and during peak tourist seasons, such as Holy Week you’ll want to plan farther ahead.

by bus

Almost 200 cities and towns are served by Spain’s excellent bus network. Intercity buses are clean and safe, making them a good option for all travelers, not just those on a budget.

Some companies, such as ALSA or Avanzabus, are established enough that they have English-language websites where you can view schedules and buy tickets. You can also check the website Movelia, which allows you to make advance reservations for a small processing fee and is the best resource for information on buses in Spain. Of course you can also buy tickets at the station on the day of your trip. But make sure you get to the right one, sometimes (more often in big cities) the companies have different terminals, that could be miles apart!

by car

Spain has a really good highway system that’s easy for drivers to follow, it is a simple destination to navigate. the vast majority of roads in the national network are free to use, nevertheless there is a series of highways that may require the payment of a toll. These are the motorways. Tolls may be paid in cash or by credit card, the amount to pay varies in each case. But of course there are alternative routes that are generally free to use (but take longer). You can check the highways that require toll payment here:

There are many places you can rent a car, in our opinion “Economy Car Rentals” is the best way to find a good car for a small price! (

by carsharing

For example, on BlaBlaCar! This is the leading carpooling platform in Europe, they connect people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats. By sharing long distance rides, the efficiency of road transport is increased, people save money on travel and the impact on the environment is reduced. It’s an all-round good thing. How does it work?

Its super easy: Just enter your departure and arrival points and your travel date, then choose a driver going your way. If you have a question, you can ask the driver before booking. And you can check out the drivers’ trusted profiles, including ratings left for them by other members.

Book and pay (with credit card or via paypal) for your seat online. You’ll get the driver’s phone number to arrange the final details, as well as a booking code. If the driver cancels, you’ll be refunded according to the terms of the cancellation policy.

by plane

Spain has tons of international and local airports, though the best options for connections are from Madrid or Barcelona. Both are well served by national and discount airlines, including Iberia and Air Europa, and offer daily flights to almost every corner of the country and also to the Canary and Balearic Islands. Ryanair offers a lot a low cost flights. The best way is to search and compare the options on those pages:


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