My Portugal Paradise Weekend

Hello, my name is Kim and I am doing my Erasmus in Huelva right now. Last weekend I went on the Portugal Paradise Weekend with We Love Spain and I have to say it was an amazing weekend. Now I want to tell you more about what we did and what we explored in Portugal.

Vacation mode: on!

I chose the right date to go, because the weather was perfect, it was sunny during the whole weekend. We left on Friday morning and on the way, we had a little stop to drink a coffee before we arrived at the hotel in Albufeira. The apartment was perfect: it had a comfortable beds, a big bathroom and a separate room with kitchen, so we had the option to cook and prepare our own meals. We left our stuff in the room, changed and went directly with the whole group to the beach. I went on this trip with my roommate, but directly on the beach we met other people. Me, my cold drink sun, and beach – the best way to start the weekend. It really felt directly as holiday – and it really was because I didn’t have to take care of anything since the company organized everything perfectly.At 4:30 in the afternoon I had to be back at the lobby of the hotel what was a 10-minute
walk from the beach, because I booked the sailing cruise. We went with around 60 students, tour guide and photographer with the bus to the harbour. Once there we had to split the group in two, because there were two tours; one pirate boat tour and one speed boat tour. I did first the pirate boat tour, which I really liked we had some drinks, music and fun. At one point the boat stops and you had the possibility to jump into the sea. After 1 hour, we changed boats and I went on the speed boat, at first I wasn’t really looking forward to it because sometimes I am sea sick, but this boat was also so much fun. We saw really nice caves and the view was amazing.Around 7:30 we went back to the hotel and we had free time at 11:30 the group was
meeting in the lobby to go out. I went out for dinner with my roommate for some Dutch
snacks, that I didn’t have for 4 months. In Albufeira there are some Dutch bars since a lot of Dutch people go there on holiday. After dinner we had some drinks with our new friends and we went out with the whole group including the two coordinators and the photographer from WLS. First, we went to a bar with live music and had a free shot, after an hour we went to another bar and the evening continued like this till 4 in the morning. The guides from WeLove Spain were so much fun, they knew every bar and with the whole group we had a great time.

The morning after…

The next day we left at 9am in the morning, everyone was tired but excided to
start the day again. First, we went to Sagres “The end of the world”. We enjoyed the amazing view and took some nice pictures.

Then it was time for the beach again, we went to Dona Ana beach, where everyone had a nap  and we played some volleyball 😉 Later in the afternoon we went to Lagos, a cute little city where they had some nice restaurants, bars and a harbour. In Lagos we had free time, so we explored the city. Our coordinators recommended us a great place for burgers. We went all together and I have to say: DELICIOUS! After Lagos we went back to the hotel and had free time. We went to the swimming pool of the hotel and enjoyed the last hours of sun. Then it was time to get ready for the second night out – as much fun as the night before:)

Sunday- Funday 

After the check out we went to Sao Rafael Beach, where you had the opportunity to do kayaking or SUP (stand up paddling). We did the kayak excursion and had so much fun! We went through caves and discovered the sea. After our little adventure we spend some more time relaxing on the beach before we went to the old town of Albufeira. In our free time we had some lunch in one of the bars and strolled around the city.

In the afternoon we went back to Seville. to sum it up: It was a great weekend with a lot of fun, I recommend this to everyone who is in for a weekend with party, beaches and getting to know new international friends!

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