Step by Step Guide to Carnival in Cádiz

If you are studying abroad in Spain, the Cádiz Carnival is a must-see event. Carnival takes a fiesta to a whole new level; you can expect a crazy fun scene that is incomparable to any party you’ve been to at your home college- or any party period. It doesn’t matter who you are, Carnival is for everyone. You don’t want to miss out on one of Spain’s biggest parties of the year! Here’s a few suggestions on how to make the most out of your Carnival experience.

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  • Mindset

First and foremost, Carnival is a mindset- you need to just let go and ride the wave that is the Cádiz Carnival! There’s booze, music, roaring, laughter, raunchiness in the streets and it can be best time of your life. Don’t let the messiness of it annoy you- have a group of friends with you who aren’t afraid to have a good time! You need to fully embrace this crazy Spanish extravaganza for what it is!

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  • Costumes

After booking your trip, you need to figure out a costume. You just can’t show up to Carnival without one! Part of the fun is letting go and not caring what you look like in a tutu. Chino stores are the best place to go for costumes and ideas. Be specific on what you are dressing as. Although it is acceptable to show up in some neon accessories, you’ll find that most everyone has a precise costume. Whether it is a group costume or a funny gag, the Spaniards go all out during Carnival – so ride the wave with them and get creative! You’ll feel accomplished after putting hard work into a good costume.

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  • Reminders

Cádiz is located on the coast, which means it is quite windy and temperatures can drop quickly. It is very important to dress warmly because of this. Consider adding layers underneath your costume or pick something like footie pajamas that will be easy to keep warm in. The right footwear will help keep you warm and more importantly protect your feet from glass, bodily waste, cerveza, etc! Be cautious of pickpocketing as well, it is crucial you have your phone and other important items close to you (fanny pack/belt bag) so that when you’re living your best life at carnival, you can keep track your items.

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