A Mini Travel Guide to Spain: Language, Customs & Etiquette

Everything is wonderful about getting the opportunity to visit other countries and explore new places, but nothing can be compared to the fun one gets to have in Spain.

The rich culture, tasty cuisine, lovely music, fun activities, and much more make your trip to Spain the best you’ve ever had.

In other words, getting to spend your vacation in Spain is in a league of its own. So, in case you have booked your tickets and are ready for all those Spanish bullfights, make sure you have enough knowledge about the foreign land to be able to move around easily. When it comes to things that you need to know about Spain, there is a long list that awaits you. So, brace yourself, everyone! You are about to be bombarded with all that is related to the amazing country called Spain.


  • Spanish Language

Spanish LanguageFirstly, we need to talk about Spanish language, because that is really important for you to learn if you want to have a trouble-free trip.

Moreover, knowing the basics of the native language can save you from appearing as an ugly, rude, tourist. There is no need for you to strive for fluency, just know some important words and greetings, such as when to use por vs para in Spanish, and you are good to go!

  • Spanish Culture

Spanish Culture


Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, Spain is one of those countries that have a rich culture that is infused into each and everything that Spanish people do. So, informing yourself with things that are important to the Spanish in terms of customs and conventions can help you in appearing friendlier. Also, it will fulfill one major aim that one has in mind when it comes to traveling; having new experiences.

In addition to this, knowing about the native customs makes it way easier for a foreign tourist like you to make good alliances with the natives, in case you plan on visiting again.


  • Spanish Etiquettes


Lastly, there come etiquettes, manners, or decorum that you should know before you go around being impolite to the natives without being able to realize it. You surely don’t want that to happen. Thus, it is important for you as a tourist to learn about the basic etiquettes of the place you are visiting. You can do this simply by searching on Google or conversing in detail with people that have been to Spain before.  

Moreover, it is a greSpanish Etiquettesat way of enhancing your knowledge about Spanish culture and conventions. In addition to this, learning about other cultures enables you to be more open-minded in terms of how you view the people belonging to a different ethnic background. Also, by communicating with people while traveling can help you in clearing a lot of misunderstandings that you may have about their culture.

All in all, researching about some basic things in terms of Spanish culture, language, etiquettes, and customs before you leave your country can be your gateway to a great traveling experience and collecting memories to cherish. Adiós!

About the Author:

Lara Smith has worked for Wall Street English for 20 years. After studying at Stanford University and subsequently doing a CELTA course, she began her career in teaching. She is obsessed with languages and currently writes blogs at https://www.mimicmethod.com/.

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