Trendy Cafés in Sevilla

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Going out for coffee with friends is certainly an American ritual. If you’re like me, you want to track down all the hot spots that have good vibes and a good cup of joe wherever you go. It is easy to go to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or other chains that you know, but the small Sevillan coffee shops are so much better than that! Whether you need a coffee para llevar, need to study, or want to get a refreshing smoothie, there are plenty of coffee shops in Sevilla to suit all your needs.

Torch Coffee Roasters

Torch Coffee Roasters is a modern coffee shop that will remind you of the ones back home. It is aesthetically pleasing inside and the menu not only includes coffees but delicious sandwiches and toasts that are Instagram-worthy. Torch has a relaxed vibe, and they have a long table specifically for those who want to study, work on their laptop, etc.


This is a creative little place that has coffee smoothies. Enzima has a variety of juices and smoothies if you are looking for a healthy pick me up. They try to keep their foods organic and have locally roasted coffee blends. Also, if you are a fan of nitro cold brew, go to Enzima!


Jester is a small coffee shop with fresh juices, baked goods, and acai bowls! They even have bagels sandwiches here, which is important if you miss bagels from home! Jester has a creative menu of smoothies and offer iced coffee. The acai bowls are totally Instagram-worthy, along with the vibe of Jester. It is very popular and sometimes has a line going out the door if you go at a popular time. Don’t miss Jester during your time in Sevilla!


Unlike the other coffee shops, Almazen Café has a somewhat bigger (and different) food menu, so come here when you’re hungry for French charcuterie or vegetarian quiche! This friendly atmosphere has coffee staples and chill vibes to get a coffee with a friend. Like Jester, if you go at a popular time, it can get crowded. Almazen is decently priced and worth the trip.


If you are craving something sweet with your café con leche, look no further than Lalita. Lalita café has a variety of cakes and pastries that will leave you nothing but satisfied. This cozy place has smoothies and cocktails too! It’s definitely worth the visit to hang out with friends with a couple of croissants and coffee.

Café del Valle

The atmosphere of this café is amazing, it has a natural look with a green color scheme and hints of wood and trees. They offer coffee, tea, smoothies, cocktails, and delicious looking pastries. If you are missing matcha, they have a delicious matcha chai latte here. Café del Valle’s milkshakes look too good to drink too!


Virgin coffee is a very small place that offers coffee from all over the world. It is a modern café that has all the coffee basics. Virgin coffee does coffee basics right and they are beautifully crafted. Your espresso needs will be fulfilled here. The quality is worth going for. If you are near Las Setas, stop by Virgin, you won’t regret it!

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