Semana Santa Must-Have Sweets

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is an extravagant celebration throughout
Spain on the week before Easter. Known for its processions of floats featuring La
Macarena, Holy Week has delightful art, in the form of floats and food! Make sure
you get the full experience of Semana Santa and try these tasty sweets. It’s time
to let your inner fat kid shine!


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Torrijas are the most well-known Semana Santa pastry. These mouth-watering
bites are chunks of bread that are fried then soaked in milk, anis, honey or even
red wine. Every region has its own version, the honey-soaked ones are popular in
Andalucia. You need to experience Spain’s version of French toast during holy


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Another Andalusian favorite are Pestiños. They are small pieces of fried sesame
dough that is drizzled in sugar or honey. These sugary trapezoids can be made
with sherry or aniseed too! Pestiños can be found at many bakeries at this time of
year. Don’t skip out on these!


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Roscos are mini donuts made with sweet wine and covered in powdered
sugar. There are many different variations throughout Spain, including either
crunchy or soft ones. Some are even filled with anisette or cream. No matter the
variation, every bite of rosquilla you have will be amazing. Can’t go wrong with


Captura de pantalla 2019-04-02 a las 17.16.56

Translated as “fritters of the wind”, these sweet treats are basically artisan donut
holes. Buñuelos are delicious and addictive, and popular throughout Spain. They
are light, delicious, and melt in your mouth. Needless to say, one buñuelo is never


Captura de pantalla 2019-04-02 a las 17.18.19

Honey-soaked fried dough. Need I say more? These traditional pastries will fulfill
the sweet tooth’s needs. Great with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, tortas fritas
are a simple treat that are great to have throughout holy week!


Captura de pantalla 2019-04-02 a las 17.19.43.png

Last but not least, these appealing cookies are a favorite during Semana Santa. If
you’re looking for a treat with more of a crunch, definitely try these flores fritas.
These cookies are delicate and covered in sugar and sometimes honey. Almost
too attractive to eat! Flores fritas will be an Instagram worthy moment of Semana
Santa without a doubt.


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