About Us

How we began…


What comes from love…

We Love Spain was born in 2006 by a happy, bi-cultural couple: David (a Spanish entrepenuer from Seville, Spain) and Elizabeth (an ex-study abroad student from Los Angeles, CA) who fell in love and began a life together in Spain.  After constantly meeting different study abroaders they got tired of seeing students do the same thing every weekend when they knew that study abroad offered so much more.

So, they decided to dedicate themselves to creating exciting trips and unforgettable events so students were forced to meet, learn more about different cultures and ultimately have the best time ever.  From that idea our slogan was born:  ”We Bring the World Together.”

In just a few years we have accomplished our goals by offering better, new, and more interesting excursions, events and activities. Currently we have sent over 12,000 students, interns and teachers from over 35 nationalities to Morocco, Portugal, and throughout Spain and have organized hundreds of events all for the sole purpose of introducing you to peers of other nationalities and providing you with the ultimate study/work abroad experience.

Today we are proud to be the best youth travel and events company in Spain.  We want to thank all of our clients, collaborators, friends, and family for the support you have given us from the beginning.  We LOVE you all!

Who we are….

We are We Love Spain – The best way to make friends, create experiences, and explore Europe. We are the leading travel and event agency in Spain exclusively dedicated to the international students, teachers, interns and young travelers.

Mission & Promise


Our Mission… 
WLS was created with three goals in mind:

  • To help you connect with new international friends in unique and exciting settings.
  • To help you learn about the world via cultural and educational travel packages.
  • Make those packages completely organized, safe, and affordable so that you can spend more time making friends and enjoying themselves instead of stressing and planning.

Our Promise to you…

We believe that we learn and grow as people through human interaction and travel more than any other way.  We promise that our trips and events will help you grow while leaving you with memories, friends, and experiences of a lifetime.
You worry about enjoying yourself….We will worry about the rest! 


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