Accommodation in Granada

Accommodation is a key element in the success of your stay in Granada. You have many options to choose from such as hotels, hostels, residences, apartments, host families etc.

Residences and Apartments

Examples of rents:

  • Weekly rooms: 100€
  • Monthly individual rooms: 160-350 €
  • Monthly double rooms: 220-450€

Roomgranada is an accommodation company for Erasmus and Internationals in Seville. If you want them to try to search room for you, the finding process is totally free for you because Roomgranada doesn’t have a finder’s fee.

For more info:


You can also check if you can find a room from this pages:

Remember to also consider your exchange program’s web pages if they have connections to companies that rent apartments and residences.

Hostels and hotels:

Granada is full of hotels and hostels to choose for but here are few examples.


  • Granada Inn Backpackers (Padre Alcover 10a)
  • Oasis Backpackers Hostel Granada (Placeta correo viejo 3)
  • Makuto Backpackers Hostel (Calle de la Tiña 18)
  • LemonRock Hostel (Montalbán 6)
  • Hostel Dolce Vita (Azhuma 30)
  • El Granado (Conde de Tendillas 7)


  • Sercotel Gran Hotel Luna de Granada (Plaza Manuel Cano 2)
  • Saray Hotel (Paseo Enrique Tierno Galvan 4)
  • Hotel Carlos V (Plaza Campos 4)
  • Hotel Macia Plaza (Plaza Nueva 5)

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