Accommodation in Barcelona

There are various possibilities for a student to stay in Barcelona. You can choose between halls of residence, apartments, rooms in shared flats, youth hostels, housing with families, etc. For each semester there are a lot of groups for students on Facebook (e.g. Erasmus Barcelona 2017, Piso Erasmus Barcelona 2017 …) where you can find a lot of offers.

Also you can check if you can find a room from this pages:

Hostels and Hotels:

Barcelona is full of hotels and hostels to choose for but here are few examples.


  • 360 Hostel Barcelona Arts&Culture (Ronda Sant Pere 56) – a new cultural hostel located in the center of Barcelona
  • Hostal Europa (Carrer de la Boqueria 18)
  • Hostal Barcelona (Carrer Roser 40)
  • Kabul Backpackers Hostel (Plaça Reial 17)
  • Sun & Moon Hostel (Carrer Ferran 17)
  • Hostel One Paralelo (Calle Salvá 62)


  • Chic & Basic Ramblas (Passatge Gutenberg 7) – 1960s style, awesome place
  • Chic & Basic (Carrer de la Princesa 50) – 31 white rooms with beautiful light decoration
  • Fashion House (Carrer del Bruc 13) – some rooms have a balcony
  • Amrey Sant Pau (St Antoni Maria Claret 173)
  • Hotel El Jardi (Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol 1)
  • Vrabac (Carrer de Portaferrissa 14)

Useful Websites:






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