Accommodation in Cádiz


  • Casa Caracol (Suaraez de Salazar 4) – awesome rooftop with hammocks
  • Cadiz Inn Backpackers (Calle Botica 2)
  • Spanish Galleon (Sopranis 8) 


  • La Casa Morada (Calle General Mola 2)
  • Alquimia Hostel Cadiz (Calle Santiago Terry 9)


  • Parador de Cádiz (Avenida Duque de Nájera 9) – reopened in 2012, really modern
  • Hotel Patagonia Sur (Calle Cobos 11) – new hotel with awesome rooms on the top floor flooded with light
  • Hotel Convento (Calle Santo Domingo 2) – big rooms with modern furnishing and a small gym!
  • Casa Patio del Panadero (Calle San José 39)
  • Casa Palacio Cádiz (Ancha 13) – awesome modern apartments
  • Hotel Spa Cádiz Plaza (Glorieta Ingeniero La Cierva 3)

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