Accommodation in Córdoba


  • Hostal la Fuente (Calle San Fernando 51) – great atmosphere
  • Séneca Hostel (Calle Conde y Luque 7) – green patio, nice breakfast
  • Bed and Be (Calle Cruz Conde) – shared kitchen, rooftop terrace, lounge, gratis bike tour with the owner, events
  • Backpackers Al-Katre (Calle Martinez Rucker 14) – typical house with two patios


Hotels/Bed and Breakfast:

  • Hotel Mezquita (Plaza Santa Catalina 1) – in the middle of the centrum, villa from the 16. century
  • Hotel Hacieda Posada de Vallina (Calle del Corregidor Luis de la Cerda 83) – elegant, modern flair
  • Casa de los Azulejos (Calle Fernando Cólon 5) – Andalucia meets Mexico
  • Balcón de Córdoba (Calle Encarnación 8) – high class hotel

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