Accommodation in Seville

Accommodation is a key element in the success of your stay in Seville. Students choose between host families, residences, and shared apartments while tourists usually stay in vacation apartments, hotels and hostels.  For students staying various months, it is typical to rent a room in a shared apartment.

For Students:

Examples of apartment rents per room:

  • Individual Room: 230-350€/month
  • Double Room: 350-440€/month

To find an apartment you will have to have at least a level of conversational Spanish to call the different numbers you find in the adds and understand the contracts.  If you don´t feel up to it, there are a number of agencies in Seville that will do the work for you.  We reccommend Roomsevilla, an accommodation company for Erasmus and International students in Seville. If you want them to try to search room for you, the finding process is totally free for you because Roomsevilla doesn’t have a finder’s fee.

For more info:
phone number: +34 691 849 173

Finding apartment adds on your own:


Using Agencies:



For Tourists:


  • Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art (Calle San Gregorio 1)
  • Triana Backpackers (Calle Rodrigo de Triana 69)
  • Hostel One Sevilla Centro (Calle Angostillo 6)
  • Oasis Backpackers (Calle Almirante Ulloa 1)
  • Black Swan Hostel (Calle Bilbao, 8-10)
  • Sevilla Inn Backpackers (Calle Angeles 11)


  • EME Catredal Hotel (Calle Alemanes 27) -awesome rooftop terrace
  • Hotel Alcazar (Calle Menendez Pelayo 10)
  • Hotel Zenit (Calle Pages del Corro 90)
  • NH Plaza de Armas (Calle Marques de Paradas s/n)
  • Doña Maria Hotel (Calle Don Remondo 19)

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