Casco Antigua

This is the main neighborhood in Seville and often goes by El Centro. It is located in the center of the city and hosts many of the tourist shops, hotels, and historic buildings such as the cathedral and Alcázar. Barrio Santa Cruz is part of this section and is the absolute best place to get lost and explore the tiny winding streets. You’ll never know what you might find – great tapas, a random little clothing shop, or of course a beautiful little church seemingly undiscovered among the houses. We highly recommend you spend an evening wondering around and just appreciate the beauty of this historic neighborhood. Also check out Alfalfa and Feria for bars and great shops!



Plaza de España

Distrito Sur

Plaza de España and Parque de Maria Lousía are located in this district, along with many other museums and plazas. This is a great place for pictures or to spend the day reading in the park. Need a place to eat a bocadillo (sandwich)? You will find plenty of shady trees and park benches here.


is located across the river. Closer to the central part of the city (actually right on the water) is Calle Betis, which is one of the most popular spots to go for clubs and bars.   Head out there on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll barely be able to fit down the street it’s so crowded. Check out our nightlife section more info!  Furthermore, if you head straight down the Triana Bridge you can find some great shops, cafes, and tapas bars! Go around 6 or 7 and you’ll definitely see it lively and bustling.


The modern neighborhood located in the eastern part of Seville.  It’s an extremely important commercial district of the city and has the Santa Justa train station and Nervión Plaza which is one of the biggest shopping malls and movie theaters in Seville. The Seville Fútbol Club’s stadium is also located in this section of town if you want to see a game! If you’re in this area on a game night — you’ll know by all the red and white gear and you can hear the cheers of the crowd from a distance. Nervión also has many discotecas and bars that are a must to check out, so look at our nightlife section for our best recommendations!

Los Remedios

Located south of Triana on the opposite side of the river from El Centro this neighborhood has a few attractions such as the Parque de los Príncipes, the Seville Fair, the Puente de San Telmo, the Museo de Carruajes, Los Remedios’ tower and Plaza de Cuba.  Also, if you’re into some great shopping, don’t forget to check out Calle Asunción where you can find a variety of clothing shops and Cafés in a nice environment.

Distrito Norte

This neighborhood has a few attractions that if you have time you should look into.  The old airport, the cemetery of San Fernando, the monastery of San Jeronimo de Buenavista and the Temple or Shrine of San Onofre all are interesting places in  Seville’s history.


This neighborhood is located in the northern part of Seville and the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza Macarena, the Córdoba Gate and the Parliament of Andalucía are some of the main attractions. It is also home to the Alameda Plaza (check out our going out section.)


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