Going Out

Huelva Nightlife is increasingly Internationally known for its brilliant entertainment. It’s youthful mystique adds to a friendly atmosphere,creating a high positive energy level to enjoy the best parties ever.Thus becoming the Spanish capital of fun.

Spanish nightlife in general starts really late, the bars normally don’t get busy until after 24.

There are two main discotheques in Huelva. La Alameda at Alameda Sundheim 9 is popular in summer as it has an outdoor courtyard. Just up the road is Cochabamba at Plaza del Punto.

Huelva’ city center comes alive at night and you can expect to find many restaurants, discos and bars offering live entertainment like karaoke nights.

For instance, the area around the Huelva Town Hall is where you’ll find the bulk of restaurants and bars such as ‘Talamante Y Gil’ and ‘El Ricon’ on Pablo Rada Avenue.

Punta Umbria beach resort is another great place to hang out at night, because of the many bars and restaurants offering live entertainment right by the beach.




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