Going Out

Just as in the rest of Spain, people here in Madrid go out very late. Most begin the evening at around 10 PM at a tapas bar. The nightclubs open up at around 1 AM but people head for these at around 3 AM, when the bars close up. Then they party and dance until around 7 AM, which is closing time for most nightclubs. It is pretty common to stop over for some breakfast on the way home at one of the city’s many cafes.

For many, the weekend already starts on a Thursday night as Fridays usually imply shorter workdays. Madrid’s nightlife is so varied that everyone is sure to find something to their liking. Spaniards in general are friendly and sociable people so you should have no trouble meeting new people at the places you go to.

Attire Spaniards like to dress up when they go out. Even at ‚alternative’ bars people are seldomly wearing jeans or tennis shoes. Women in Spain like to dress sensually, especially when going to nightclubs and are always careful to ensure that they are elegantly, fashionably and femininely dressed. There are of course, those that dress with a somewhat freakish fashion sense to stand out in the crowd.

The nightlife in Madrid is very lively all week until the early hours of the morning: bars, pubs, clubs, concerts… There are a lot of places and villages where you can discover the endless entertainment possibilities that this city has to offer. It is impossible to visit this city without going out for drinks and dancing to the rhythm of the music: the best of Madrid is discovered at night!

Bars :  

  • Penta Bar (4, Calle de la Palma)
  • Chicote (12, Gran Via)
  • Bar Cock (calle de la Reina, 16)
  • Sala Universal (Dr. Esquerdo 2, Salamanca)

Nightclubs :

  • New Garamond (Calle de Rosario Pino, 14 Madrid /+34 656 94 87 13)
  • Nasti Club (Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 33 Madrid / +34 915 21 76 05)
  • El Sol (Calle Jardines, 3 Madrid / +34 915 32 64 90)
  • Reina Bruja (Calle de Jacometrezo, 6 Madrid / +34 915 42 81 93)
  • MOMA 56 (Calle José Abascal, 56 Madrid / +34 913 99 09 00)
  • Siroco (Calle San Dimas, 3 Madrid / +34 915 93 30 70)
  • AlegoríA (Calle Villanueva, 2 Madrid / +34 915 76 72 85)



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