Going out

Sevilla from the top!!!

  • La Terraza de EME, Calle Alemanes 27 – rooftop bar of with DJ, Pool and view to the cathedral (cocktails about 13€) 


  • Terraza Bar Hotel Dona Maria, Calle Don Remondo 19 – great atmosphere in front of the cathedral (cocktails about 8€) 


  • Gourmet Experience Duque, El Corte Inglés Plaza del Duque de la Victoria 8 – great for food and drinks

Get ready to stay out late!  Spaniards are famous for their all-night parties.  Sevilla has plenty of great bars and clubs to enjoy and you will find most of them in these zones:

Plaza Alfalfa – always a great choice, no matter what day of the week.  Small, crowded bars line one of the streets in the area. Always a nice mix of Spaniards and International students.

  • Santuario, Calle Cuesta del Rosario 12 – a big club with good opportunities for a dance. Great music and lovely atmosphere. For students, ESPECIALLY ON TUESDSAYS!!!
  • Calle Peréz Galdos this street is lined with bars, just walk down and pop-in. Warning – they are very crowded and small. If you want a little more space, just keep walking and you will find more spacious bars a little farther away from the plaza

Alameda de Hercules – this large plaza is the more “hippy” alternative area and has numerous amounts of alternative, creative-style bars and restaurants.  It is also popular to just hang out in the plaza. This area is also a great mix of Spaniards and International students.

  • Fun Club, Alameda de Hercules 86 – cavernous, sparsely furnished disco for the alternative crowd, which has local and regional rock, drum n bass and metal bands.

Calle Betis – on the Triana side of the river, this street, apart from having a beautiful view of the city, it is also lined with small bars. Half of the street is full of International Students and the other side, Spaniards.

  • Demo Bar, Calle Betis 55 – 80s style decor with lots of guest DJs
  • Lo Nuestro, Calle Betis 31 – live Flamenco!
  • Funk y Food, Calle Betis 41 – soul music and great late night burgers

La Cartuja – this area is where you want to go for clubs. Most of the larger clubs are here, from summer terraces, to indoor discoteques. Make sure you are dressed to impressed or you won´t get in.

  • Antique, Matemáticos Rey Pastor  y Castro s/n – it is an indoor club but has an outdoor summer terrace called Rosso
  • Plaza Europa, Avenida de los Descubrimientos s/n – summer outdoor terrace
  • Montpensier, Calle Marie Curie s/n- indoor and outdoor



  • O’Neill’s Irish Bub, Edificio Viapol
  • Uthopia, Plaza la Legión – three floors and big outside terrace
  • Bandalai, Av. de María Luisa, 1 – great sishas and orient feeling
  • Bestiario, Calle Zaragoza 33
  • Bilindo, Calle Paseo de las Delicas
  • Abril Sevilla, Luis Montoto 118

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