Let’s Eat in Córdoba!

Spanish Restaurants/ Tapas Bars

In the area around the Mezquta you will find a lot of restaurants, but most of them are just expensive and not good. Better to go to other places, definitely try the salmorejo and rabo de toro.

  • Bar Santos, Calle Magistral González Francés – Enjoy the best tortilla de patata of the whole city with direct view of the Mezquita (the only place that is worth it).
  • El Novillo Precoz, Calle Caballerizas Reales 10 – very popular amongst students for their huge tapas at a small price
  • Salmorejería Umami, Calle Blanco Belmonte 6 – definetly try the salmorejo, they have a lot of variations
  • Taberna San Miguel El Pisto, Plaza San Miguel 1 a classic amongst Cordobeses…delicious tapas!


Snacks and Student Hang-outs

Between meals, you might want to grab some meriendas (snacks).  Generally you would include cafes, heladerías, and pastelerías in this group.  We are also adding the Montaditos fad in this section.

  • Cien Montaditos & La Sureña– these two little sandwich shops are very popular for cheap little sandwiches called montaditos and beer specials.  Students love hanging out here in the afternoons, especially on Wednesdays when everything costs 1€ at Cien Montaditos.
  • Pastelería Roldán – best deserts, cakes, pasteles … everything that is sweet!
  • La Tortuga, Plaza Marmol de Bañuelos 1 – open the whole day, perfect place for breakfast, coffee or drinks at night


International Restaurants

  • La Caña de España  Calle Claudio Marcelo 2 – all plates for 6,50€, they offer big portions and are therefore really famous, so it is most times crowded
  • Mercado Victoria, Victoria Avenue – amazing variety, great food, you will need some time to decide


  • Amaltea, Ronda de Isasa 10 – located directly next to the river tis restaurant offers a lot of vegetarian dishes (taboulé, couscous…)

Italian :

  • La Mafia Se Sienta a la Mesa, Avenida Gran Capitan 46 – excellent food and service, great variety of wines
  • La Fabbrica Pizzeria, Calle Albeniz 16 –  Pizzas have rock star names, delicious pizzas freshly made

 American : 

  • Hangar Picnic, Avenida Libertad 2
  • Foster’s Hollywood, Calle Rafael de La Hoz Arderius 4



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