Let´s Eat in Madrid!

For years culinary innovations were to be found in Catalonia and the Basque country. Today things have changed, and for some the Spanish capital is transformed in real capital of the taste.

Regional Madrid cuisine is generally hearty – stews, meats, beans, eggs – and rife with fried options. The capital’s strong point, however, is its wide selection of restaurants from other Spanish regions (Basque, Galician, Catalan, Andalusian) and rich tapas culture. International restaurants are also helping to energize the city’s gastronomical status with their ever-increasing variety and quality.


Bahia Taberna (Calle Bahia de Palma 9 | Esquina Bahia de Almeria, 28042 Madrid)

La Pincheria (Fernando el Catolico 15, 28015 Madrid)

Alcaravea (Cea Bermudez 38, 28003 Madrid)

Taberna Gastromaquia (Pelayo 8, Madrid)

La Era Restaurante (Infanta Mercedes, 103, 28020 Madrid)

Lua (Paseo de Eduardo Dato n05, 28010 Madrid)

Algarabia (Calle Union, 8, 28013 Madrid)

Spanish tapas bars :

Of course Tapas are still a Madrid institution, nearly every bar offers these small pieces of heaven for just a few euro a piece. Of course Madrid is known for its fish and seafood and we enjoy every shell of it.

  •  Spanish Tapas Madrid (Calle urano 22 Atico A, 28042 Madrid)
  • Carmencita Bar (Calle San Vicente Ferrer, 51, 28015 Madrid)
  • Taberna Alhambra (Calle de la Victoria, 9, 28012 Madrid)
  • Casa Labra (Calle de Tetuán, 12, 28013 Madrid)
  • Los Galayos Restaurant (Calle Botoneras, 5, 28012 Madrid)
  • Taberna Real (Plaza Isabel II, 8, 28013 Madrid)

International Restaurants :

Asian :

  • Diverxo (Calle Pensamiento, 28, 28010 Madrid)
  • China te (C/Santa Hortensia 60, Madrid)
  • Liabeny (Salud 3, Madrid, Spain (Centro))

Italian :

  • La Pizzateca (Calle Leon 26 | Barrio de las Letras, 28014 Madrid)
  • Da Gavino (Calle de Santa Teresa 1, 28004 Madrid)
  • Anema e Core (Donados, 2 esquina calle Arenal, 28013 Madrid)


  • Goiko Grill (Calle de Maria Molina, 16, Madrid)
  • Carmencita Bar (San Vicente Ferrer. 51, 28015 Madrid)
  • New York Burger (Calle General Yague 5, 28020 Madrid)

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