Let’s Eat in Granada!

The Cuisine of Granada represents the tradition of Arabic-Andalucian cuisine.

In Granada, Tapas are still seen as a gift of the house and many bars take more pride in their tapas than their selection of drinks. In many places it’s possible to eat a filling meal for the price of a couple small beers. That’s the reason why it’s really cheap outside in Granada.

The chocolate with churros are very popular in Granada. In almost all bars and cafés in Granada serves it for breakfast and snack.

Spanish Restaurants:

Regular restaurants:

There are hundreds of bars and restaurants all over Granada. In the majority of them, you can eat quite cheap. The menu of the day can cost you about 8-12 euros.

  • Nuevo Restaurante Hermanos Urquiza (Calle Navas 25)
  • Restaurante Oliver ( Plaza Pescaderia 12)
  • Restaurante Los Manueles (Calle Reyes Católicos 61)
  • El Campanario (Calle Reyes Catolicos 15)
  • El Aji (Plaza San Miguel Bajo 9)

Tapas Bars:

In Granada is the only city in Spain where you usually pay only the drink and eat for free. In Calle de Elvira or Calle Navas you can find plenty of bars and just hop from one to the other and snack free tapas with your glass of wine or beer!

  • Omkalsum (Calle Jardines 17)
  • Bodegas Castañeda (Calle Almireceros)
  • La Antigualla II (Calle Elvira 22)
  • Los Diamantes (Calle Navas 28)
  • Café Elvira (Calle Elvira 85)


  • Café Futbol (Plaza de Mariana Pineda 6)
  • Café Lisboa (Calle Reyes Catolicos  & Plaza Nueva) – good place for breakfast
  • Café Bib-Rambla (Plaza de Bib-Rambla 3) – best churros in whole spain!!!
  • Mundra (Plaza de la Trinidad) – buddhas, tables made of barrils, awesome global atmosphere

International Food:

Tapas is a traditional meal in Granada but still Granada offers you a lot of options to eat something else.


  • Hicuri Art Restaurant (Plaza de los Girones 3)


  • Heladería Los Italianos (Calle Gran Vía de Colón 4)
  • Restaurant Giardino (Plaza Romanilla 10)


  • Samarkanda (Calle Calderia Vieja 3)
  • Arrayanes (Cuestra Maranas 4)


  • Estrella Oriental (Chinese) (Calle Àlvaro Bazán 9)
  • Restaurante Chino Mare Nostrum (Chinese) (Calle Gran Vía de Colón 45)
  • Zakuro Centro (Japanese) (Calle Nueva de San Anton 2)


  • New Burger (Camino de Ronda 130)
  • Dakota (Calle Santiago 2)


  • Kabab King no. 1 (Calle Reyes Católicos 46)
  • Greens & Berries (Plaza Nueva 1) – good, healthy filling fast food (great salads and sandwiches)

Many kebab and pizza restaurants you can also find at Calle Elvira and Plaza Nueva.

Buen provecho!


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