Living in Malaga


The lively city of Malaga is known as being the gateway to Spain’s popular Costa del Sol holiday resort region. A city that has always been on the crossroad of very different cultures, it has gleaned traditions and customs from many different races, resulting in the interesting and unique Malagan flavor you will encounter when here on a visit.

While the city is close to Costa del Sol, it is not actually on the beach itself – this is an advantage for the city: while close enough to enjoy the beach and Mediterranean coast, it is often sidestepped by the throng of tourists that flock to Costa del Sol.

The beach is a major factor for those living here in Malaga. Not only do hundreds of holiday-makers come to enjoy the clear Mediterranean waters on offer, so do the locals. The beach caters for recreational activities as well as social events and is a natural meeting place for many.

With its rich cultural background, visitors will have plenty of fine architecture and historical remains to feast their eyes on, such as the famous Alcazaba castle-fortress and the botanical gardens. The museums should not be missed out on either.


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