Public Transportation

Huelva has good air and ground connections that provide easy access to the city by various means of transport: bus, taxi, car, train and plane.


Huelva’s bus station is at Calle Doctor Rubio (Tel: 959 25 69 00) , with regular buses to Seville and resorts along the coast. There is a twice-daily service to Portugal and the Sierra de Aracena north of Huelva and one bus a day to Cádiz, Granada and Malaga.

For detailed information :

The Bus1 euro


Taxi ranks are on Calle Plus Ultra near the Iglesia de la Concepción in the centre and outside the railway station. A city cab firm is Teletaxi, Tel: 959 25 00 22.

The taxi : Approx. 1.10 Euros(standard), 1.44 (night fare), 1.65 (public holidays).


The railway service Huelva-Seville is served by two daily trains.

Address : Avenida de Italia, s/n 21003 Huelva.  Phone number : 959 245 614 / 902 240 202

The price depends on the distance.


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