Public Transportation

Barcelona is a huge city, but the modern and very extensive public transport system allows you to get anywhere within the city in no time. Metro, buses and trams run very frequently until late at night. Apart from that, there are several cable cars, funiculars, railways, sightseeing buses, taxis, local trains, night buses and other transport systems.

Buses and night buses (NitBus)

There are more than 200 bus lines in Barcelona and each bus line has its own map. It is thus difficult to say which bus takes you from A to B. If your hotel is a little further away from a metro station, ask at the reception which bus you can take.

Night bus (NitBus)

Both metro and regular buses stop running at some point at night. There are lots of night buses in Barcelona that bring you back to your hotel all night long. Almost all lines stop at the Plaça Catalunya.

The hours of operation of the regular buses and the NitBus vary from line to line. The nights buses run from around 10pm to around 5am.

To and From the Airport

There are several possible ways to do the way from Barcelona airport into the city center and from the city center back to the airport:

 Taxi :

The ride in a taxi from the airport to the city is very comfortable. This is the recommended way to go out from the airport, especially if you are a group of people riding together, or if you have heavy luggage. The taxi station is located in the left side of the exit in the arrival terminal. Taxis in Barcelona are painted in black and yellow. The ride is lasting 20-30 minutes depend on traffic and on the hour in the day. The price is expected to be around 25-30 Euro

AeroBus :

This is an express transportation service between the airport and the city center. The Aerobus has two stops in the city. One in Catalonia Plaza and the other is in Plaza Espanya, from which you will be able to switch to the metro and us it in order to go where ever you wish. The bus is passing in each and every one of the three terminals of the airport. Its driving frequency is every 15 minutes during the day.

The ride price is 3.90 Euro per person.

Metro :

Barcelona’s Metro is excellent and easy to use. The wagons are clean, roomy, comfortable and air conditioned and the trains frequency is very high. This is the best way to go from one place to another inside Barcelona and its city center. The entrance to the metro stations can be recognized by the signs in which the “M” letter is seen in white on red background. The metro lines are spread in such a way that enables you to go quickly to almost any place in the city.

Five metro lines are serving the city. They are signed with different colors:

  •  L1, red line, from Hospital de Bellvitge to Fondo.
  • L2, purple line, from Paral-lel to Pep Ventura.
  • L3, green line, from Zona Universitaria to Canvelles.
  • L4, yellow line, from Trinitat Nova to La Pau.
  • L5, blue line, from Cornella Centre to Horta.

 Tram :

There are three modern tram lines being active in Barcelona. The price of a single ride is 1.15 Euro. Look the internet for Barcelona’s tram courses and stops.

Train :

A train, of RENFE Company (the train company in Barcelona), is leaving the airport towards Barcelona center each 30 minutes. Do not confuse with the metro. This is not a metro train but it does have two stops in which it is possible to switch and move to the metro. The stops are Sants station (the central train station in Barcelona from which trains are going to all parts of Spain) or Catalonia station. In order to reach the train pier it is required to walk few minutes in the airport area, but in large part of the way there are conveyor belts that make it easier with the luggage. It is recommended to check for an updated train timetable from airport to Barcelona city.
The ride price is 2.40 Euro per person.


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