Public Transportation

If you are going to be using public transportation often, the best thing to do is to buy the Consorcio de Transporte Card.  It is a rechargeable (green) card that is valid for all public transportation in Seville and surrounding towns. You can buy the card at Estancos (tobacco shops) and most kiosks. The card itself costs 1.50 € and then you charge the amount of money you would like to have on the card.


Public bus schedule: Mon-Sat: 6:00-23:15; Sun: 7:00-23:15. There are also night buses every day at 0:00, 1:00 and 2:00, etc. with different stops all over the city.

Bus Prices: 1.40€.  You buy tickets on the bus.

You can find all bus info such as schedules, routes, prices, and stops at:


The price is 4€ one way or 6€ round trip (you buy your ticket directly on the bus).

The stops are (starting from the airport): Estación Plaza de Armas – Paseo Colon – Avenida Carlos V – San Bernardo – Luis de Morales – Estación Santa Justa – Kansas City – Aeropuerto de Sevilla (45 min in total).

The schedule is every 30 minutes between 4:30am and 00:30am.


There is one tram (tranvía) line in Seville: It runs from Plaza Nueva to San Bernardo-Viapol. Prices are the same as the bus.  If you don´t have a Consorcio card, you can buy your ticket at the machines at the stops.


Seville also has one metro line that crosses the city.  Ticket prices range from 1,35€ to 1,75€ depending on how many zones you need to cross. Price with the Consorcio Card 0,82€.

You can find more info:


There are two subscription optionsLarga duracion (good for 1 year) which costs 33,33€ to sign up and must be done online and corta duracion (good for 1 week) which costs 13,33€ to sign up and can be done at the automated machine at any of the parkings. The CD option will also withhold a 150€ deposit on your credit/debit card until the end of the week.

With both types, the first 30 minutes after taking a bike are free. The following 30 minutes cost 0,51€ for larga duracion and 1,03€ for corta duración and from then on, it costs 1,03€ (ld) or 2,04€(cd) per hour.


In Seville it is relatively easy to find a taxi on the street. You can also call at one of the following numbers or use ur smartphone:

Radio Taxi: 954 580 000

Tele Taxi: 954 622 222 (Smartphone: App: 1Taxi)

Radio Taxi Giralda: 954 675 555

Fares depend on the day of the week and on the time of the day (they are more expensive on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, and from 21:00 to 7:00). The minimum charge is 3.24€


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