Public Transportation

Granada has good air and ground connections that provide easy access to the city by various means of transport: bus, taxi, car, train and plane.

Public Bus

The city bus is the best way to get around Granada. They usually run from 06.30am to 11pm. On Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays there are also two special lines that runs from midnight until 6am. One-way bus ticket costs 1.2 euros, the night bus costs 1.3 euros.

Credi Bus is a Granada’s bus pass. The card costs 41 euros per month. You can buy Credi bus- card from Granada’s buses and kiosks. You have to pay 2 euros deposit but the deposit is refunded if the traveller returns the pass in a good condition at the original point of sale.

Bus Station

Granada’s bus station is located on the outskirts of Granada. It offers tourist information to travellers, car rentals, lockers, restaurant and café.
You can buy bus tickets directly at the bus station or online,
The bus station is open Monday-Sunday 06.30am to 01.30am 356 days a year.
Busses number 3, 10 and 33 are connected to the centre with the bus station. A journey takes about 25 minutes.

Train Station

Granada is linked by train with Almeria, Antequera, Guadalajara, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, etc. You can buy tickets from Internet, or at ticket office in the station.
Granada’s trains are usually on time but be prepared for the occasional lengthy delay.


Granada’s airport is located 16 kilometres from Granada city and 105 kilometres from Jaen. Airport offers direct flight services to Madrid, Barcelona and other cities.

Airport bus

There is a special airport bus that goes trought the centre of Granada and terminates at the Exhibition and Conference centre. The fare is only 3 euros. If you want to take a taxi to the airport, that will cost around 25 euros.


In Granada, it’s quite easy to find a taxi straight from the street. But if not, here are few taxi companies that you can call.

It’s better to ask first how much the taxi will cost, because taxi drivers often charge you a higher price, especially if you are from abroad.

Taxi Gonzalez – 652875872 (Offers 24-hour service)

Tele Radio Taxi Granada – 958280654 (Offers 24-hour service)

Radio Taxi Genil – 958100399


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