For Morocco

What a bargain!

Everything is extremely bargainable in Morocco. A guy might try to charge you 50€ for a lamp and if you bargain well, you can get it for 10€. So don´t be shy because negociating prices is just part of their culture. Also, a Moroccan vender might come off as pushy but try to remember that that is just the way things work there and try to keep an open mind, smile, and have fun! You’re experiencing new things!

Exchanging Money

Don´t exchange money here in Spain, you can do so in Morocco when we arrive to our hotel. In any case, you will not need to exchange much because they accept Euro everywhere. The Moroccan currency is called Dirham and is about 1-11 with the Euro.

We’re on a boat…

Yes, we’ll be going on a ferry which means, there’s a possibility you could get seasick. If you think that might happen, we recommend bringing medicine with you because depending on the weather, sometimes it can be a bit rocky.


You MUST bring your physical passport or European ID card with you on trips to Morocco. You may not enter Europe with just a copy.

Europeans: Most European Union Nationalites may travel to Morocco with us with just their ID card. If you are from an Eastern European contry or do not have full Union status, please confirm with us first by writing to

Please bring the document that you signed up with us with. Also, some nationalities must have a VISA to enter Morocco. If that is the case for you, we will help you through the VISA process. It is fast and easy but must be done about 2 weeks between the departure date.


You will be in a group and well taken care of at all times. During your free time, however, stick with your friends and be careful with your things. At night, do not venture off outside by yourself. Morocco is generally a safe place but whenever in a foreign country, you must take care. You CAN NOT drink the tap water in Morocco. Only drink bottled water. You will have several opportunities to buy bottles including at the hotels.


Here are some helpful phrases for the trip! The most important are Shukran (thank you), Na’am (yes), and La (no).  These will especially come in handy when bargaining.  Don’t worry though — most vendors speak Spanish or English as well so you won’t have any problems communicating!

Salam – Hello, Na’am – yes,  La – no,  Afak – Please,   Waha – ok,   Yalah – Lets go,  Shukran (bezzef) – Thank you (very much),  La shukran – No, thank you                    Labas? – How are you?,  M’a ssalama – Goodbye.


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