What to Pack:
We will be spending a lot of time on or near the beach, so bring a beach towel, bathing suits, sunscreen, and other beach clothes.  At night we’ll be hitting up the bars and clubs, so pack your best going out outfits! It can also get a little chilly since we’re by the water — we recommend that you bring a light jacket!
Food prices are similar to those in Spain, but don’t forget you will also have aparthotels, which means you can cook your own meals if you choose.  There are supermarkets close to our hotel in Albufeira and you are welcome to bring whatever food and drink with you that you wish. 

Albufeira and Lagos are very safe, but like in any city, when you go out make sure you control your alcohol intake, and please don´t go off alone with any strangers!  Always go home in taxi and with a friend.


Sim:  yes, Náo:  no,

Bem-vindo: Welcome!,

Muito prazer em conhecer:  Pleased to meet you,

Olá :  Hello,

Adeus:  Goodbye

Obrigado/a:  thank you.

O meu nome é…  My name is


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